Client Testimonials

"After a lifetime of dealing with rage, depression, anxiety and heavy drinking, I got to breaking point and contemplated suicide. I had taken medication for depression and anxiety and gone to anger management. None of it worked. 

I spoke to Louise and I could tell she genuinely wanted to help me, I felt at ease and booked myself in. As soon as I walked out of the first session I felt different.  I felt calmer and my head wasn't a mess of jumbled thoughts. My head was the clearest it had ever been. My home life shifted immediately. I didn't even feel like a beer. I felt like a light had turned on inside me.  I felt motivated. After the second session I noticed I was able to process my emotions easily. I haven't experienced any anxiety.  I don't experience rage anymore. I can talk to complete strangers without feeling uncomfortable. I can pick my kids up from school and go to the shops without feeling overwhelmed by the noise. My results are shining through so much that my wife has booked in and a friends wife is also wanting to go. 

This therapy has saved my marriage, my relationship with my kids and ultimately, my life. Thank you Louise".   Scott

"When I went to see Louise I was anxious, had trouble making simple decisions and had low self esteem.  I trusted and felt safe with Louise throughout the TRTP process.  Louise is fantastic, knowledgeable, reassuring and professional.  After my first session I felt more at ease, confident, stronger and empowered.  Since completing therapy with Louise I'm able to relax and feel free, I have a positive mindset and a happier outlook on my future.  Family and friends commented that they could see a change in me both physically and emotionally.  Thanks to Louise I believe these changes will make life better, and my relationships with my family and friends has improved."  Brian

"The therapy sessions I attended with Louise has surprising and fast results.  After the first session I enjoyed a sense of complete calmness.  During the second session, I felt as if I expelled a lot of pain.  The whole experience was cleaning.  I now feel more energetic and motivated and enjoying getting into the garden again and going to the gym".  Amanda

"After many years of anxiety, low self-worth and lack of self-belief I was not letting the opportunity slip away.  I can say that since having the therapy my life is changing in a very positive way.  I sleep better and I feel lighter in mood.  I laugh a lot more.  I get excited about life.  I have been able to tackle problems directly and had good results.  In the past problems would have caused me no end of worry and anxiety. Belief in myself is strong and getting stronger.  I have a great deal to look forward to and I'm excited about the future".  Roz

"I was very unsure about going ahead with this therapy because I had been there, done that and didn't want to dredge up buried feelings.  I'm glad I went with my intuition and trusted that Lou had my back.  In only 3 sessions I felt calm, centred and strong.  Feelings I had not felt in a very long time.  During my sessions I felt safe, supported and always left feeling light.  The negative emotions I have previously felt when remembering past events are no longer there.  I am glad I did this and feel confident about the future".  Robyn

It's been a month or so now since my therapy with Louise and I have to report that I have never been happier.  I find myself humming along to tunes on the radio and generally getting around with a smile on my face.  People have commented on my happier demeanour.  Life in general is more easy going and I am not nearly as stressed about the 'small stuff' that we all have in our day to day lives.  My reaction to the triggers that would usually send me into a spin has reduced significantly to the extent I can just brush it off.  I am feeling more confident in myself and know that I am worth-while and enough.  I am smelling the flowers now and enjoying life.  What a great result".  Amanda

"Ever since a young girl I have lacked confidence and have never had the ability to stand up for myself. My whole life I've put up with people telling me what do to, how to do it and putting me down.  I am now 70 years old.  Louise has healed my pain in 3 sessions where a lifetime of trying other things has didn't.  My life has changed. I no longer feel meek and weak.  I have taken my power back and now do what I want to do, when I want to do it.  I feel emotionally strong, calmer, more resilient and confident. I have the confidence now to get out and about and am enjoying joining new groups and making new friends.  Thank you so much Louise.  I am looking forward to my future knowing that I am so much more than enough, that I am worthy and deserve good things and good people in my life".  Val

" Before the therapy I had a lot of insecurities and a lot of baggage I had to let go of. After doing the therapy the baggage disappeared and my whole outlook on life has changed. I am more positive, confident  and motivated.  It has helped me re-think about the way I do things daily and how I manage different situations.   It's a subtle, and affective treatment. Simply, it is like rewiring your mind to think positively and to let go of any past insecurities and hurts.  If you want to change your life and let go of past insecurities, fear or whatever is keeping you down and holding you back, then this therapy will get you back on the track".  Kay

"After completing my sessions with Louise I was not entirely convinced the therapy had any impact on my life, at least, not immediately anyway.

I participated in the therapy because I felt there was something in my life holding me back.  I had lost the youthful joy in the world I once had and I rarely found happiness in my relationships and my environment.  I just felt numb and I, more than ever, wanted that to change. The changes were not rapid nor were obvious at first.   It was only on reflection that I could see the changes had crept into my life.  I now feel an overall calm about me.  Encounters that would normally caused me to feel stressed and angry just wash over me with no negative impact.  

I have a more positive approach to my career and believe that this is in part why I have recently experienced some timely opportunities.  My relationships have improved too.  I am aware I now have the courage to express myself calmly and with a quiet confidence, rather than retreat in silence.  I’m still a work in progress but it is as though I have a fresh set of eyes to look through.  Lou, your commitment and passion to help me be the best version of myself is evident throughout the therapy.  Thank you Lou."  Leigh

"I had a stable middle class upbringing, didn’t really want for material things, developed good work ethic. I have worked hard and have a comfortable life now, nothing to complain about right? 

But really bad things did happen to me through the years and I no emotional life skills, no feelings of being worthy, no courage to stand up for myself no self-esteem. My coping mechanisms became drinking too much and taking drugs in my youth, then moving onto food to fill holes of emptiness, despair and suicide. 

I had tried psychology, medication, gym, grief and PTSD counselling, more medications and had short successes. I had decided that this was how I was to be for the rest of my life, it was an awful prospect, I was sick of feeling like I wanted to die just to feel no pain. 

Louise, you have helped save me. You helped me find the person I had forgotten existed but there she was. The change is so subtle but so enormous at the same time. I finally feel alive, empowered, courageous inside and it shows on the outside. My world is different and I can't wait to take it on. I can't thank you enough for your healing" ️.  Rachel

“My fear of flying had led me to miss out on a lot of things for many years. After three sessions with Louise I had the self confidence and strength to go on a fabulous overseas holiday and really enjoy myself again”. Jane