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I offer a free 20-minute consultation to determine if this therapy is a suitable process for you.

Book a call back

  1. Call 0439 264 445 to speak to Louise or leave a message

  2. Email: with a request to call you back

 What to expect when you book a session

  • Sessions will be scheduled ahead of time, a week apart. 

  • Please commit to these times and rearrange other activities around these times. 

  • Session times can vary so please allow up to two hours so that you are not rushed. 

  • Please also allow for some downtime afterwards if possible, e.g a nice walk, or relaxed cuppa. You are releasing emotion, thoughts, energy so take some time to settle in after a session.

  • Sessions are held either in-rooms (face to face) at Suite 15/11 Bulcock Street, Caloundra, or through Skype/Zoom.

Distance is no barrier!

Requirements for Skype/Zoom Sessions:

  • A peaceful and uninterrupted space

  • Comfortable, supportive chair

  • Bright environment or with a light pointing towards you so that Louise can clearly see you

  • USB Headphones

  • Reliable internet connection